About Us


It is an engineering company in maintenance, installation and repair, having his professional activity mainly in the area of ​​air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration.

It consists of staff has accumulated experience of over twenty years in maintenance, installation and repair of all types of air conditioning systems is concerned.

It is duly registered and certified in the Panamanian Society of Engineers and Architects (SPIA), which regulates practice regarding air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration is concerned. We belong to the Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture of Panama.

It is linked to international activities such as the annual meeting of air conditioning, the American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning Engineer (ASHRE), which is the window to the new trends and technologies in this area and the preservation of the environment. We understand that our reason for being are our customers. That is why our philosophy is oriented to achieving total customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to ensure that their HVAC work in the most efficient manner, with a commitment to achieve the greatest possible savings and taking always into consideration, care for the environment.

Our vision is to achieve the preference in the market and continuing through our careful and prompt service.


Our staff is highly trained. What it is certified technicians by the Technical Board of Panama Engineers and Architects (SPIA). To remain at the technological forefront, they are permanently and continuously update seminars and technical development personnel.

Our most valuable asset
Are our customers.

In our portfolio we have some of the following:

  • Panama Canal Authority (ACP)
  • BANISTMO (Nationwide)
  • Cable & Wireless (nationally)
  • BBB chain Footwear
  • Multimax
  • USMA
  • Royal Center Building Marbella
  • Hospital San Fernando (Panama, Coronado)
  • Chevron

In Panama Completed projects:

  • Clinical Hospital San Fernando - Magnetic Resonance
  • Clinical Hospital Center San Fernando - Operations Room
  • Multimax - Tumba Muerto, Albrook Mall and Branch 50
  • Cable & Wireless Panama - Central 262 and 228
  • USMA (3) Units Chillers with cooling towers Installation (2)
  • Cable & Wireless Chiller Via Spain.